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The Red Lion Lewes

Q Builds was appointed as Harvey’s preferred contractor to create a new 38 space car park behind the Red Lion, Pevensey.

The installation of attenuation tanks was a requirement of the planning consent.

These temporarily store stormwater until wet conditions have passed before allowing a controlled release of water to the sewage network via a hydro valve.

The tanks sit almost two meters beneath the surface of the car park so considerable ground work was required. The installation required great accuracy to ensure the correct drainage levels and fall was achieved.

During site clearance work an old well was discovered which had to be filled and other drains diverted.

A new paved terrace was created to provide a raised outdoor seating area. Lighting, close–boarded fencing and hard and soft landscaping was installed along with a height-restricted barrier.

The build was completed on time and on budget and the pub remained open throughout.

"QBuilds are now one of Harvey’s preferred contractors having delivered to time and on budget on two major projects at the Blackboys Inn and the Red Lion pubs..."

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