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Loft and extension, Hartington, Brighton

Completed: Summer 2013

Rear kitchen extension to terraced house with green roof and bespoke double glazed wooden windows.

The rear garden sloped upwards and the foundations needed to be cut into the land and properly waterproofed. All the spoil from the garden was carefully bagged and transported away from the site.

Metal beams were used to support the new opening to the extension and were carefully integrated with the existing structure.

The fibreglass roof covering and specialised edging was sourced from a green-roof supplier. We worked with the client to ensure the appropriate green roof matched the specification of the roof tray and that all the requisite structural features were properly catered for.

The internal finishes, new natural wide plank pine floor and LED lighting were carried out by our specialist carpenters and electrician and we worked hard to complete the final phases during an agreed period when the client was away for the weekend.

This meant that disruption could be minimised and the kitchen could be fully operational on the clients return.

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